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About this game

As the name suggests, Doom 64 was primarily crated for Nintendo 64. The game was officially released in 1997, and unlike the previous two Doom titles, the Doom 64 was created by Midway Games. This game was the very first to provide all the necessary graphical enhancements on the original. It featured all new levels, and based on the gamer’s perspectives, it could have been easily called the Doom 3, in case it hadn’t released used that name in 2004 for its own game.

Doom 64 Is an Unusual Game

Judging from its authentic platform, the Doom 64 is quite a unique game. Nintendo immensely promoted the real 3D titles on the 64-bit console, and the Doom 64 game is more of such games. Try this game, and you will notice an environment that is made of polygons with filtered textures. But more like the original Doom, your movement will be limited on a flat plane, and you won’t be able to look around you. Close to things like GoldenEye 007, it is okay to consider Doom 64 game somehow archaic at the time.

You Will Love the Soundtrack

The other unique thing about Doom 64 is the soundtrack that makes it worth giving a try. You will hear any of the hard-edged metal sounds. You will also find that the game features an ambient score that is quite creepy that enhances how Doom 64 environment is unnerving. Play the game get a chance to kill an array of demons in hell, but you will surely like the music as it gives you the motivation to keep going.

The Lighting

Aside from the soundtrack, there are positive things to say about the lighting, that looks to be given an extra touch for the port. Doom 64 is at least 22 years old and utilizes some of the most amazing colors and shadows that will keep you going. It is also great to state that the game’s lighting has not aged with time and is still as enjoyable as before.

Quality Control

The thing that makes the story this game very odd is quality control. But it is worth noting that this has nothing to do with the id software. Instead of the straight port, like the SNES and other PlayStation versions, this was entirely a brand new game that commanded the market from the time it was officially launched.

It features the key elements of both Doom and Doom 2, as well as unique features that made it stand out from the crowd. For instance, Doom 64 focuses more on puzzle-oriented levels that placed emphasis on the expedition and exploitation of different weapons and enemies.

The Main Difference with Doom Eternal

Doom 64 is different in that it does not have a story. To be precise, when starting to play the game, you will not be told about what is going on, and rather what you will be dealing with. But you will learn, as you keep playing, that there is a shotgun on the floor, and there are demons. Yours is to pick up the shotgun and whatever you do with it is your choice, but who would not want to kill monsters, especially when they have guns in their hands?

Why Play Doom 64?

Whether you are a novice or seasoned gamer, you will want to try a game that gives you control of what is going on. The background music, the lighting, and the environment’s texture will provide you with the courage to kill as many demons as you can.

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