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About this game

It is a sci-fi single shooter game that brings together strategy, science and adventure. The game was developed by id Software and produced by Bethseda Softworks. It is a journey of restoration that seeks to square out aliens off the face of the earth; a theme associated with Doom Eternal. The player has to find their way into the world and secure the whole place before it is ravaged down.

The Story Plot

After the end of the war, the conqueror Khan Maykr did not leave a system of governance. Aliens from Hell are now trying to outdo the existing structures to create anarchy whose aim is to destabilise the system. The gamer now goes in to quench the hostilities and find a way of peaceful coexistence.

The first step in looking for help is unlikely places; an old ally, who helps the gamer sneak into the realm (Urdak) and organise to seal the tension. However, the road back is not as easy as the gamer thinks, and must use strategic equipment and resources to neutralise the adversities. The deeper they go, the more challenging the mission.

Ultimately, the mission is the fight between right versus wrong, good versus evil, and peace versus chaos. They have to defeat the best in the enemy camp with lesser equipment. The ultimate goal is straight forward; defeat the insurgence and restore law and order. However, this would be an uphill task as corruption and evil minds rule Urdak.

Special Pointer in the Game

  • The location stretches from a port hanger to the swamps.
  • Players have to face the enemy, despite the heavy infestation of demons.
  • The only way to go is by reaching the goal and undoing all opponents. However, along the way, there are some aliens such as a corrupt and armed Mayke angel.
  • The game can play the game without downloading the software.
  • Most importantly, the game is strictly for gamers over the age of 18 years.

On its inception, the game received a positive rating, thanks to its progressive game-play. This action-packed game is among the best release of 2020 from Bethseda Softworks. From there, the journey continues.