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About this game

Dragon Quest XI is an RPG (role-playing video game) developed by Square Enix. It is an air of the 2019 Dragon Quest series. In the game, you embark on an epic adventure as the reincarnation of a legend. You assume the role of the Luminary seeking to bring an end to the dark forces. As if that is not enough, you have to flee away from your pursuers, the King’s army. Luckily, you are accompanied by a band of loyalists to balance the odds. They help you with your mission of saving the Dragon Quest world.

What makes Dragon Quest XI outstanding?
The art in the game is also worth mentioning; they are colorful and vibrant. Unlike previous games, this one is fantastic, with beautiful graphics displayed on HD visuals. Also, the characters in the game are lovely. They are flawless, and their voices are done next to perfect. The dialogue in the game is well-rehearsed and integrated well with each scene. In plain words, I’d say that the graphics and the voicing in this game are phenomenal.

The game also allows you to switch between a 2D to a 3D view, both fantastic and attractive. Both views make the game dynamic, thus giving the game a different feel. For example, if you are on a 2D view, you get the sensation of playing a classic Nintendo game. On the other hand, if you are on the 3D view, you understand each character personally.

The bottom line
In short, dragon quest xi is a fantastic RPG game with a great storyline and fantastic characters. Additionally, the game is full of humor and excellent graphics. The Nintendo version of the game is mature and has an adult narrative. As a result, this makes it suitable for both teens and adults.