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About this game

Developers Square Enix Co. Ltd and Omega Force have brought out Dragon Quest Builders 2, an RPG game with a fantasy land setting and for up to 4 players. New to the game is the chance to switch to a first-person perspective as well as the ability to fly and also travel underwater. There is also a fast-travel function.

Out for Revenge

In the game there is a nasty group referred to as the Children of Hargon and your mission is to create a character and to then team-up with your friend Malroth and to combat the vile Children of Hargon, a cult that looks for destruction.

They want all builders eliminated and nothing to be created. There are male and female builders and these are controlled by the players known as the Hero. After being captured and being washed up on the Isle of Awakening, they meet Malroth who helps them improve their building powers.

The idea is to join forces with Malroth and build a better world from the chaos that exists.

You’re Handed Tools and Blueprints to Progress

There is a lot of adventure in this game described as an action role-playing sandbox game and you have to defend your fantasy world from monsters. You’ll be building kitchens and other buildings according to blueprints so as to help people in distress and you’ll also be building elaborate castles.

You do have access to tools, blueprints, and recipes which are gradually unlocked for you as you progress through the game.

There are actually two sides to the game, and apart from building to create your kingdom, you’ll also be exploring other islands where you’ll be helping the people there. In the game, when you see a red exclamation mark above a villager’s head, it means they have a quest for you and you’ll be rewarded with gratitude points that contribute to your base level and perhaps access to even more blueprints, recipes, and tools.

Those who know the game say that it is a new, standalone game with new characters and unlimited building combinations and was made available on PlayStation in July 2019, allowing you to play and create something extraordinary.