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About this game
Drake hollow is an adventure of fantasy violence video game developed and published by molasses flood.

The game focuses on players-both solo or in a team of friends- building and defending villages of drakes, who are vegetable folks, from deadly feral beasts in the hollow world. Drakes love to eat, play and sleep whereas, feral beasts love hunting drakes for food. Drakes are harmless lovable creatures which without the protection from the player are prone to attacks from feral beasts and may even die of boredom.

Consequently, the villages should have an adequate supply of resources to sustain the lives of the drakes. The other challenge is on keeping the drakes entertained to prevent them from dying of boredom. This is achievable by the use of bouncing yoga balls and puppet shows. However, the key aim is to defend the villages from external attacks from the hordes of feral beasts.