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About this game

Drug Dealer Simulator is a first-person crime action game that gives you a taste of the drugs’ underworld. In the game, you are to build your drug empire, manage supplies, learn how to prepare and make portions, grow drug production, distribution as well as manage different markets. To accomplish this, you will need to join up several gangs and cartels. You must be able to relate with them well for them to help you reach your sales goals. If you are clever enough, you will soon be enjoying the fruits of the black market. You may also use all the resources to make it to the top.

At the start of the game, you will be buying drugs from a cartel whose representative is Eddie. However, he will not deliver the drugs to you. Instead, he will place a dead drop at some point in the city. Your work will be to determine the dead drop’s location and follow the leads to your goods. Unfortunately, if you stay longer, someone else will pick the goods and you will be left to deal with a ruthless gang.

Other Features of the Game

Guides in Full Game Mode

There are guidelines on what to do to accomplish various goals. For example, when a police offer orders you to stop, the game tells you to stay still as he or she searches you. Otherwise, you can run. Besides, all conversations between characters are captioned in the video so that you are able to get the message fast and make calculated moves. It also helps you l recall the names of major characters in your drug empire.

Different Environments

The free sample release takes players into a ghetto where they walk in the dark alleys. The version features eight levels of business transactions. Each of the business transactions has its challenges that you must overcome. They include rival gangs, law enforcement and logistical challenges. There are business secrets to be uncovered, which makes it easy for you to close deals later in the game. You also get to play in a deserted district in an economically battered city in the full game version. The playgrounds are battered and rusty, while most of the streets are almost deserted. In each of the environments, there is a great focus on details.

Intricate Plans

The game requires some planning to get things right. Your plans determine the direction that the game will take. For example, if you sell high-quality drugs, you will get many customers in a short time. This will increase your respect in the area. This, in turn, enables you to increase the price of your substance. Doing this will increase your cash and help you live a lavish life. On the other hand, the more you climb the ranks, the more the police will be on your heels. Therefore, you have to plan better to avoid falling into the hands of the law enforcement officers higher in the game.

Many Cool Features

There are various cool features of the game, which include the following:

• New districts that are unlocked in stages if you accomplish lower objectives
• Environments have high-quality graphics to give them a realistic feel
• The free sample has almost all the feature and only limited in environments and levels
• Several mechanics give a realistic simulation of what the life of a drug dealer looks like
• Inclusion of climate-building sounds and other music
• There is a narration in the game.

Drug Dealer simulation is a mind game where players with the best plans carry the day. The police make the bulk of your challenges. Besides, most of the time will be spent on the production and distribution of drugs.

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