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About this game

Dungeons Of Edera is a rogue-lite action RPG video game that has been developed and published by Monster Tooth Studios.

Work your way through a plethora of procedurally generated levels in this fast-paced dungeon crawler. Dungeons Of Edera tasks players with making their way past a variety of enemies and bosses, picking up helpful loot along the way. The aim is to unite the three different and unique factions of the Oswary Kingdom and bring back its former glory to Edera. The high number of permutations with a high variety of themes and random selection of enemies from the three kingdoms means that there is minimal possibility that you will ever have to play the same dungeon level more than once. This is a sword-swinging adventure of a game that rewards persistence, with each progression bringing with it new in-game skills to help the player advance and is easily addictive as you choose your character’s path.