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About this game

DungeonTop is a game of table-top battles released by ‘Steam.’ It is an RPG game with a strategy genre and involves a single player. The game was developed by One Up Plus Entertainment, a developer who also got the chance to publish it. DungeonTop is a new venture characterized by roguish deck-building experiences. The player has to choose a hero and an allegiance in the game narrative, then venture deep into a dungeon, fighting through and evolving their deck for survival. Every decision or choice you make as the player matters heavily, even in the middle of battles. You could use ingenious board methods to obtain an advantage in the game like rushing, flanking, and tanking.

The battles you fight in the DungeonTop are laid out on a grid. Battles associated with basic enemies often have a smaller grid, even though all battles work similarly. There are three hero options available, the warrior, mage, and rogue, though as a beginner, your only option is the warrior.