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About this game

DUSK is an FPS developed by David Szymanski. The publisher is New Blood Interactive.

As The Sun Fades…

DUSK throws you in at the deep end as almost immediately upon starting the game you are attacked by angry mobs. The gameplay is very typically First Person Shooter, grab a weapon, aim and fire then look for better weapons and try not to get killed.  Split into three campaign episodes the player barely has time to think as wave after wave of Cultists, mad militants and evil forces vie for their chance to rend him limb from limb. The game also features an Endless Survival mode where survival is definitely not guaranteed. With a Multiplayer option included, the game offers up the chance to take mayhem and destruction to a whole new level if you have the nerves for it.

Unashamedly Visceral

DUSK is not ashamed of its roots in the early days of videogames, it wears them on its chest like the gory victory spoils from a crazed bloody battle in some dark basement. Level design is truly inspired and features many secret areas that can only enhance gameplay and add to the level of fear and surprise in the game.  With a wealth of weapons available including dual wielding shotguns, sawblades and grenade launchers, the only thing required to have a good time with this game is fast reflexes and a taste for crazed mayhem and loud explosions. With an excellent metal soundtrack by Andrew Hulshult that only adds to the experience, DUSK will take the player right back to the core of gaming.