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About this game

Dust to the End is a survival game that is developed and published by ZJOY GAME. In this game, the evil roots of man-kind reappear such as war, human trafficking, and conspiracy.
In this game, human civilization is ended by nuclear wars. Survivors hid in the underground shelters until the radiation dissipates. They emerge to the surface to restore human civilization.

Unfortunately, the emerging forces begin to fight for land and resources. As a player, you are one of the slaves that escaped from a human trafficking organization called “Black Death” that looted this wasteland before. But survival is never easy as chaos is everywhere in this land. There are different categories of weapons that release specific fighting skills in war. Each weapon used has its own personality that greatly influences a player’s survival chances. A player can trade tools in this game, operate underground settlements and explore ruins. The final ending of this game is affected by the decisions made by a player and the plots he or she employs to encounter the enemies.