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About this game

DwarfHeim is a Real-Time, Strategy, role-playing game that has both single-player and co-op multiplayer modes. It was developed and published by Pineleaf Studio.

The objectives of this game are straightforward but not quite simple. You will need to collect resources and use them strategically to expand your city. Ultimately, you aim to reclaim DwarfHeim, the ancestral dwarf home. To do this, you’ll need to create a roaring economy and infrastructure that is powerful enough to defeat your arch-enemies, the trolls.

Fans of multiplayer games will love DwarfHeim as it offers exhilarating co-op action and essential team gameplay. Here you can link up 2 other players, and work together to destroy the enemies’ defenses. Picking the right player roles will determine your success in the game. You get a choice of characters, which can either be Warrior, Builder, or Miner. Additionally, you can take the role of 6 different heroes, each having unique abilities you can use to defend your clan.