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Dying Light Shu Warrior Bundle comes in 3 folds; an outfit, paint job, and weapon’s blueprint. The three items protect you from attack by zombies and prepare you for the challenge. However, you have to design the weapons from material and resources available such as the Gust of Wind. Other protective gears include the Leaping Tiger Dao, a unique sword used by skilled soldiers, and the Dragon Ji Polearm helps you unleash the power in you.

The game is action-packed with graphical advisories for younger viewers. Released in January 2020 by Techland Publishers, the game opens up the militia and survival tactics in a gamer. It supports over 16 languages and runs on at least 4GB RAM with 40GB capacity. It needs a 64Bit processor on OS above Windows 7, an Intel Core TM, and a Version 11 DirectX.

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