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About this game

Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of the New Despair is a thrilling third-person shooter game developed by SANDLOT and published by D3 PUBLISHER.

Game Plot

Earth fights to defend its planet from the invasion of aliens nicknamed as the ravagers. Nations on Planet Earth unite to form an army to protect itself. This reaction comes after a tip-off in 2013 that confirmed the existence of space beings. The nations called their army, Earth Defense Force (EDF).

The hostile ravagers landed on earth in 2017 and planted hideous over-sized insect-looking creatures all over the planet. The insects bred in underground nests then gouged up to attack and destroy cities. Fortunately, the Earth Defense Force defeated every bit of them. Eight years later, in 2025, the ravagers come back, smarter and stronger than before.


This game has close to 89 missions, played in sixteen mapped settings that can be cities, tunnels or mountain bases. You can join the Earth Defense Force and assist them in destroying the ravagers. To claim victory over the ravagers, you should kill all the over-sized ants, spiders, hornets, dragons; you name them. Save some energy to fight Erginius, the new creature planted by the ravagers. Your chances of victory increase if you defeat this gruesome creature.


You can choose to join the class of EDF soldiers you want. There are four classes; rangers, wing divers, air raiders and fencers. The game has more than 800 weapons, and the two ultimate ones are depth crawler and walking fortress balam. If the mission requires you to climb walls and crawl to underground nests, the depth crawler is your weapon. If you are fighting Erginius or destroying a swam of ravagers, the walking fortress balam will be up for the task. Once you select one, you cannot change until the mission is over.