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Eastern Exorcist is a side-scrolling action role-playing game (RPG) developed by Wildfire Games. This 2D game is set in a fictitious world infested with supernatural demon creatures. Eastern Exorcist pits a skilled sword slayer and exorcist by the name Lu Yunchuan, who fights against the evil monsters to find his way through the brutal eastern world.


Eastern Exorcist is an action RPG played from a third-person perspective. Players take the role of Lu Yunchuan, a player-created character, who is on a hunting mission with his fellow exorcists (his brothers). Their target is a demon, King Mandrill, who leads an army of other demons to terrorise the lands across China. As a result of his mistakes, Lu’s brothers are slain. He takes on a path to avenge the demons that took out his family.


Eastern Exorcist has an incredible 2D presentation and controls that are quite responsive. On the defensive side, you have the dash key that helps you evade or block incoming projectiles and attacks. The offensive front offers you a single-strike aerial attack and melee combo to hit against the villains within the shortest time possible.

On the other hand, using the parry in good timing helps you to launch an overpowering riposte. You can also use the parry to deflect an incoming attack and reflect projectile attacks. Multiple actions rely on the parry for additional effects, including the follow-up finisher and power-up functions. The health and stamina metres also play a critical role in how you play the game.


Eastern Exorcist is not a play of fancy by any stretch of the imagination. The game can be unpleasantly brutal but fascinating. What sets off as a sword-slaying vengeance against demons transforms into mini tales where Lu has to face the sins of the villagers. There will be additional layers of complexity to all the demons you face. There is also the acquisition of different exorcisms that cast varying spells, and each exorcism can only be utilised once at a time. The fascinating effects of the spells you acquire offer you passive boosts for combat.

Eastern Exorcist Visuals

Visually, the game is quite appealing. A painterly art style is applied, making Eastern Exorcist quite a unique side-scrolling game. The exaggerated yet gritty visuals of this game are best suited for the grim of its atmosphere. The dynamic art design of its cutscenes presents Eastern Exorcist in a very compelling way.

Exorcism Arts

Eastern Exorcist consists of seven Exorcism Arts. These are skills that you unlock to upgrade your play. The Exorcism Arts have varied abilities like conjuring a tidal wave to wipe out multiple demons, summoning a shadow clone to come to your aid, and shooting villains with celestial swords.