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About this game

Element TD 2 is a multiplayer tower defense game for PC that is developed and published by indie developer Element Studios.

Currently in Early Access, Element TD 2 is the standalone continuation of the extremely popular mod of WarCraft 3, StarCraft 2 and Dota 2. Featuring 44 different towers, players will take control of 6 elements and try to create the perfect defense against waves of unique enemies. With each element having its own strengths and weaknesses, players will need to think critically to ensure they choose the right upgrades to secure their survival.

Online co-op mode allows up to 8 players to team up at once and global servers mean players can play with friends across all regions. With 55 waves, 9 different maps and a hotly awaited single player campaign on the way, Element TD 2 has plenty for tower defense fans to sink their teeth into.

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