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About this game

Empire of Sin is a strategic simulation game based on the Chicago crime network flourishing in the 1920s during the Prohibition era. With the imposition of the nationwide ban on alcohol, organized crimes took advantage of the situation and thrived more so in Chicago. The game is developed by Romero Games and published by Paradox Interactive.

In the game, you are supposed to take over the Chicago underworld economy dealing with casinos, smuggling, brothels, and illegal production of alcohol and drugs, and build a flourishing criminal empire while taking your rivals down.

Explore the World And Environment

The game will enable you to interact with the world’s various aspects and even have contact with the different non-playable characters. You can influence the NPCs using commands like threaten, seduce, or even kill. You can also influence authority by bribing cops. You can use the social mechanics to form alliances, betray friends, and even participate in the black market.


Empire of Sin is a single-player strategy game where you take a mob bosses role, creating and running his or her own criminal empire with help from the gangster crew. You get to choose your character from several unique mob bosses inspired or based on real-life gangsters and fictional characters in the mob world. The game’s main aim is to climb the social ladder and make a criminal empire that runs the underground city.

Recruiting For Your Empire

In doing so, you get to recruit some other gangsters to your crew who help you by doing the dirty business like taking over opponents’ businesses and recruiting others. Gangsters are hired for their different traits. They include demolitionists, hired guns, enforcers, con artists, and doctors who play different but crucial roles in the running of the criminal empire. Having a greater influence will help significantly in bringing recruits to your Criminal empire.

Turn-Based Combat

The game adopts the turn-based combat system when you face off against your enemies or rival gangs. You need to strategize and come up with an attack system that will make you overpower your opponents. Also, to do more damage while in combat, your crew needs to have more loyalty.

The game gives you many possibilities that will ensure you rise to the top and make your criminal empire be it violence and many other available options.

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