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About this game
Endless Space 2 is the sequel to the much-loved space opera, Endless Space. The game is a 4X strategy with a compelling storyline, and it was developed by AMPLITUDE Studios and published by SEGA.

Just One More Turn

This turn-basd sci-fi strategy takes the standard 4X gameplay that is so popular in space games, and adds AAA production values. The game builds and expands on the mysterious Endless Space universe. The galaxy was first colonized by some god-like beings called the Endless. The fall of the Endless took place eons ago, but they left behind them some mystical ruins, and a substance called Dust which has nar-magical properties.

Build, Conquer, Explore and Trade

Players must explore the mysteries of the star systems, discover the secrets of those ancient races, build new colonies, trade, develop powerful new technologies, and use diplomacy or military power to control the galaxy. There is a deep and interesting single-player campaign, as well as options for multiplayer, including cross-platform multiplayer.

Expand with DLC and Mods

The developers are committed to keeping the game up to date, and there are already several free updates that add new content, including new quests, modding tools, and general game improvements. The community surrounding the game is strong and active, and there are numerous mods that offer improvements, tweaks and fun additions. Players who enjoy 4X strategy games and turn-based gaming will find that there is a lot of depth to this title, and it will keep them thinking and playing for years to come.