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About this game

Set in a post-apocalypse, Endzone A World Apart is a strategy video game that was developed by Gentlymad Studios. This post-apocalyptic survival city-building game was published by Assemble Entertainment and WhisperGames and released on Spring 2020.


In 2021, terrorists blew up all the nuclear power plants worldwide and plunged the entire world into chaos. Luckily, a few people managed to escape into Endzones, underground facilities. Mankind came back to the surface after 150 years under the command of the player. In a very hostile environment that’s full of contaminated rain, radioactivity and extreme climate change, the player has to prove they are worth as a leader who will help create a new community.


The game blends city-building and survival mechanics; this is an impressive twist on the genre. After the survivors leave the bunker (Endzone), the player must attend to their basic needs such as food and water. The player can build a water tower, then designate settlers as farmers, gatherers and hunters. Next, the player should send out scavengers for supplies to help attract more survivors to join.

Construction and managing economy

The player has more than 30 different buildings to construct. They can build water supplies, fields to grow food, hunting lodges and send out settlers to find resources, pick berries and explore what is remaining in the world. The player gathers and refines various resources and manages their economy by constructing an efficient infrastructure with depositories and streets.

Dynamic climate change system

The dynamic climate change system that the game uses brings radioactive rain, storm and other inconveniences. All of these can strike at any time, causing drastic implications on the settler’s survival. Droughts hit regularly and impact crops and the water supply for nearly a year. Sandstorms will also bring deadly, invisible radiation. This can make the settlers sick and even kill them. For these reasons, the player should watch out for contaminated food, water and zones. Additionally, prepare for droughts by making sure you store food and ensure settlers are not exposed to radiation.