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It is a strategy game involving policy formulations. The game requires the gamer to assume the party leader’s position in 3 of the most advanced democracies in Europe, and fight for a chance to win the 1932 elections. They can either choose France, Germany or England as your political battleground.

Hamsters Gaming created, published and released the game in October 2020. The gamer can choose from the 29 political parties from any of the 3 countries. They have 30 political doctrines to implement through newspaper publication, rallies and influencing party members. As the party leader, they have over 200 options for a running mate.

In essence, you have everything at your disposal, as long as you win the elections. Political defaming, ballot rigging and political racketeering are also options to gain the electorate’s trust. Whatever method they use, ensure it increases their popularity as it demeans their opponents.

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