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Do you want to experience the thrill of taking adventure in space at the comfort of your home? Then Exo One is the game to play. The game introduces you to a series of rolling endless dunes in space. You get the chance to effectively control a marble made from high technology that is floating in the deserted rolling dunes of the space. The game developer is Exbleative.

What is Special about the Game?

Your role as a player is to play along with high-tech marble as it has the ability to maintain a spherical shape that enables it to perfectly roll on the ground or alternatively, it has the ability to flatten into a disc shape. The disc shape gives it a better chance of manoeuvring through the air.

It is an exciting game that will get you glued to your screen. Additionally, you will not have to go through the tiring process of the introductory bit to the game since it only takes a few seconds for you to grasp the entire concept of the game. The simplicity of the game makes it even more attractive and easy to play. Also, the fact that you are in full control of the game adds more to the thrill.

What do you do to Ensure that you enjoy the Game?

The concept is simple and straight forward. Exo one incorporates all the contradicting factors in the game. They include factors such as the wind and gravity. For a player to be able to attain a high momentum, you will have to figure out a way to achieve high speed with the marble.

You will be manoeuvring your way through cliffs, a series of planets and rolling oceans. The interior of the game also emanates a dramatic feeling to the players. You will notice that the sun will shine low and from time and again, a storm will sweep through the rolling oceans.

What better way to experience a sci-fi feeling than to play Exo game at the comfort of your home?