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On the 24th August, Codemasters are releasing the next edition to their very successful game franchise, F1, with their latest edition, F1 2018. For those of you who are unfamiliar with F1, it is the Formula One game (the official Formula One approved game) where you are able to race various different Formula One cars, as your choice of driver, against other players or on the computer. Yet you don’t need to play with just players who sitting on the same console, but you can also play with other players across the world, via the internet.

Yet as well as playing online with other real-life users, you will also be able to play on different tracks as well; depending purely on things like track difficultly, speed with which you can reach without crashing, etc.

What Makes The F1 2018 Game Different From The Previous F1 Editions

Unlike the previous editions of the F1 game (like F1 2017) the F1 2018 game has taken into effect some of the actual changes which has taken place within the world of Formula One. For example, you are now able to play in Sebastian Vettel’s Scuderia Ferrari, due to his real-life victories in the Australian and Bahrain Grand Prix. Also you will be able to play Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo in China, a race which he actually won earlier this year.

Alongside, other things which you would be able to do in the F1 2018 edition which you couldn’t do in the F1 2017 edition is also play Lewis Hamilton when he raced around Baku City in Azerbaijan. Yet the biggest change which stands against the previous edition game is the return of the French Grand Prix, which hasn’t shown in the F1 game series since the F1 2008 edition. If you enjoy Codemasters F1 series, than the F1 2018 game should be on your shopping list.