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Fairy Fencer F is a fantasy RPG (roleplaying game) under the Galapagos RPG brand of Compile Heart for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 3. On 4 Aug 2015, a PC version was released.

Advent Dark Force Release Date

On 31 Aug 2014, Fairy Fencer F: AdventDark Force, an expanded version, was announced during the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) Press Conference by Sony. In 2015, the version was released in Japan for PlayStation 4. In 2017, the PC version was released throughout the world. It has Japanese, English and traditional Chinese subtitles.

Advent Dark Force’s Gameplay

In Advent Dark Force, battles are more intense. It doubles the active formation size to six characters and features tougher opponents. Godly Revival plays a vital role in this expanded version. Removing swords from the Vile God, the Goddess or from both determines the story route that the players will take.

Advent Dark Force Features

The game features larger fights, improved graphics as well as two additional storylines and endings for every girl. In the game, players can follow the Goddess route (the original Fairy Fencer F storyline) or one of the two other alternatives: it depends on the player’s actions in Godly Revival.

Story of the Advent Dark Force

For the most part, until the first Goddess Revival, the game has the same story as the PS3 version with extra scenes like Apollonius and Ethel appearing sooner. Sherman’s past is explained: why he hates evil and how he came to fall in love with the beautiful Tiara.

The Goddess Route

It’s relativity similar to the PS3 version. An unknown attacker kills Tiara; Fang’s grief makes his wish to travel back in time before Tiara’s death to be granted. Fang and Eryn were not the only ones that travelled back in time. Ryushin and Sherman went back with them, and they got separated. Sherman became ruthless and cold young man after the death of Tiara had an impact on him: he’s still the main antagonist. The route gives more spotlight towards Karin and Ethel.

The Vile God Route

The main protagonists in this route are Eryn and Sherman after Fang accidentally helped in the Vile God revival. The party didn’t stop the Vile God, and they were sucked into a portal: Eryn and Sherman were the last ones to be sucked.

When Sherman finds himself at Sol Plain with Ryushin and Eryn they decided together to explore and find out if they can find anyone else.