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What is it?

Fallout 4 is an open world RPG game brought to you buy Bethesda Games. The latest in the Fallout series continues to intertwine exploration, storytelling and combat mechanics. Fallout 4 takes us to post-apocalyptic Boston, where familiar foes such as mutants and ghouls meet up with new characters and rich history.


This latest game follows the path of The Father. The protagonist, after being cryogenically frozen for years, has to search for his missing son. The beginning of the game is slightly different to its predecessors as you actually get the chance to play the character before the nuclear devastation that destroys the world.


Boston is a great location for Fallout 4. Its rich history, steeped in battles, politics and family drama, makes for interesting and well thought out missions. The map may be slightly smaller than the other games in the series, but there is so much more to see. Whether it being the ruins of the famous city, the infected swamps or the sheer wasteland dotted with buildings.


The quests in the Fallout series are noted for their intricacy and sometimes downright moody nature. Fallout 4 doesn’t disappoint. There are dozens of side quests to undertake, some only taking half hour, others taking several hours. Each have their own plot points.


There are similarities between this and Fallout 3. 3’s storyline being that of a son searching for his father. The wasteland in Fallout 4 is not as sparse and doesn’t have the sheer desolation that 3 has. New Vegas was lauded for its storytelling, which Fallout 4 does aim to live up to.


Fallout 4 is a stellar game, filled with rich characters, interesting storylines and a wasteland you will be itching to explore.