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About this game

Farm Manager 2018 has been developed by Cleversan Software and it provides a ground-up agricultural experience for players of all ages. One of the most interesting features in regards to this platform is that it offers a real-world experience as opposed to a fantasy-based perspective. Some basic tasks which the player must perform include cultivating land, selecting workers with the most relevant skills, harvesting crops and selling this produce for a profit. This is also a highly interactive environment, as users will have to adapt to changing situations such as seasons, weather patterns and even the talents of the employees themselves.

Much More Than a Simple Farming Game

Farm Manager 2018 requires just as much strategy as it does a knowledge of basic crops. For instance, there may be times when specialised equipment is needed in order to harvest a certain crop or to till the fields. There are currently more than 20 different commodities to choose from. Some of these can be cared for by hand while others must be gathered through the use of mechanised equipment. Of course, the player will have to learn about these and other choices as the game progresses.

The Industrial Side of Farming

Farm Manager 2018 has fully embraced the role that modern machinery plays when cultivating and harvesting crops. Users are able to place more than 40 buildings throughout the property. These structures will often be necessary in order to properly store and process the foods that are gathered. Other options such as producing juice and housing frozen foods are likewise unique challenges. The farmer will have to invest in these structures using the money that has been earned from previous sales. There are three separate gaming modes to choose from (Campaign, Scenario and “Free”).

Additional Game Details and System Requirements

Farm Manager 2018 will require a 64-bit processor and at least six gigabytes of free storage space. In addition, the developers recommend that a minimum of eight gigabytes of RAM are present in order for the game to function properly. Several different languages are supported alongside English.