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About this game

With a title like Fight Crab, you can bet this is an insane adventurous game to play. It is an over-the-top physics-based, 3D action battle game that grants the player complete autonomy and control of their limbs as a playable crab.

In this far-off fantasy world, the generous gods have bestowed ultimate strength and intelligence upon the crabs. Using their newfound wits, these shelled warriors arm themselves with human weapons of the finest calibre and then battle for the ultimate control of the lands. The virtually indestructible creatures, can not be killed by swords or even guns. However, there is one principle fact that governs these lands: Those flipped onto their shells submit to their untimely demise in the pot.

Nussoft of Calappa combines with Mastiff games to give gamers arguably the best gaming experience of 2020. If you are yet to have the experience, you are seriously missing out.