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Filament is more of a puzzle game released on 23rd April 2020, created by Beard Envy and published by Kasedo Games, Marple Whispering Limited. The player is an astronaut who is focused on investigating an abandoned spaceship. In this game, the player is expected to explore the ship, and is tasked with the responsibility of solving more than 300 challenging yet varied puzzles. You will have the freedom to approach each however way you like.

As a player, you will board the Alabaster, which is a filament corporation’s vessel. Here, you will try and solve the mystery of what left the ship locked down alongside the missing crew. As you survey the ship and try to solve the puzzle, you will constantly be contact with Juniper a pilot, who will push you towards uncovering why the crew disappeared. As you get to learn more about her, she will open up to you and help you solve the puzzle. The plot of the Filament game which is based around pathfinding involves a single player.

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