About this game

Remaster Everything

Have you ever dreamed of something that was previously final, to make a return better than ever? That’s where the term remastered comes from in the context of video games. Final Fantasy has dozens of titles within the franchise but that doesn’t mean turning one of the older, better games into a more modern version. Not coming back from the dead necessarily, though this is the second birth of this revered installation. On the PC and PS4, your dreams have come true.

Previous Version

The Zodiac Age was originally released by Square Enix in 2006 by Square Enix. The platform able to play was that solely of the PlayStation 2. As the 12th game from this role playing franchise it did not disappoint. According to Metacritic it scored in the high 90’s, and was the 6th title that was honoured by Famitsu in Japan. XII features great graphics, storylines and mechanics for the time.

Remastered or Mastered?

Over 10 years after the initial release of Final Fantasy XII, The Zodiac Age has been available since July of 2017. Zodiac was produced by the same video game developer. WIth the reception that the original got it’s definitely hard to top. While tough, it is arguable that the age of the Zodiac is 2017 and onward. The title won “Best Remake/Remaster” awarded at IGN’s award show and was also designated the “Best Remaster” by Game Informer. With new sound, a trophy case and perfected mechanical performance, Square Enix should be patting themselves on the back.

Microsoft’s Version

Steam came out with a port on February the 1st, 2018. Frames per second is always a topic of discussion in the modern gaming scene and this skew has the best. 60 FPS is considered top of the line, especially for a game originally released in 2006. You can even play the old game with the Steam client.

Try This One Out

Even if you aren’t a passionate FF fan, you’ll still find immense pleasure according to the public and critical consensus.