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About this game

Final Fantasy 15, previously Final Fantasy Versus, features a story of a youthful king sworn to protect the world’s last crystal from the frantic order outside his kingdom. It is a conflict between the ancient and modern-day technology and the battle of one king who is determined to safeguard the old ways.
Highlighting innovative gameplay, action-heavy combat and immersive visuals that impel the limits of the latest hardware, Final Fantasy 15 is an overwhelming story that carries the audience into its vibrant imagination of a world of fantasy based in reality.

The Story

Enroute to wed Luna, his fiancée during a road tour with some of his best comrades, Prince Noctis gets information from news reports saying that his native land has been attacked and captured under a mean trick of a peace agreement. Again, King Regis, his father and his loved one have lost their lives in the hands of the enemies. To get the strength required to expose the truth and rescue his homeland, Prince Noctis together with his loyal friends must conquer a series of encounters in a breathtaking open-world that’s full of amazing wonders, treacherous foes, diverse cultures and larger-than-life creatures.


Final Fantasy 15 is an action role-playing action in which you can assume control of Prince Noctis Lucis, a young man who can play some acts related to both combat and field exploration.
Lucis kingdom features a single, connected island that’s explored predominantly in the Regalia, the party’s car. The surroundings can also get explored by riding on a Chocobo and foot. You can also fast-travel to open-world places visited in the recent past.
The players can utilise gil to buy equipment and items and also accept side quests from any NPCs they come across. These offer extra rewards and take into account gameplay encounters that are independent of the primary story. In some cut-scenes, the players can decide how Prince Noctis interacts with the other characters. Final Fantasy 15 supports the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 allowing the players to share video clips and screenshots. The PlayStation 4 edition is also available on PlayStation Vita, which utilises data run from its console version.