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About this game

This game is a remaster of the popular Final Fantasy VIII. It was developed by Square Enix and released in 1999. When FF8 was launched, it was a marvel because it featured HD treatment, which was a technological feat at the time. The remastered version comes packed with a host of new and upgraded features to give players something very exciting.

The Game Play

The story takes place in the Republic of Galbadia, where war is looming under the rule of the evil Sorceress Edea. With the use of the Sorceress Power, an ancient energy, Edea wages war against other nations. The protagonist is Squall, a cadet of the SeeD mercenary force. He teams up with Rinoa, a member of the resistance and allies from the military academy. Seifer, Selphie and Zell are some of the other characters with which you have to play. A player has to complete missions to take down Edea. If you have played FF VIII, the remaster is a breeze. You only need to know of the changes to expect.

What’s New

Final Fantasy 8 Remastered looks cleaner than the original. The reason is that the graphics got a few tweaks with all characters going full HD. Squall has sharp and bright new designs. The map is in full HD resolution. Although the aspect ratio remains at 4:3, the resolution is amazing at 1920×1080. It brings out the best of the 3D rendering.

When it comes to gameplay, players have several features for customisation. The reworked version has battle assist options. Players get Limit Breaks that they can trigger as desired. You also have ATB Gauge and HP. The speed booster lets you play scenes three times faster than the regular pace. It allows you to get through repetitive actions at your preferred speed. In the remaster, you can unlock all abilities and items. Players can opt to turn battle encounters on or off. The draw gives players the power to siphon magic from the enemy and store it in the inventory.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered was released on 3 September 2019. It is available for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch.