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About this game

Firefighting Simulator is a game produced by Astragon Entertainment, a company that focuses on developing simulations. When playing this game, you take the position of a firefighter, and this means you have to engage in many rescue operations where you have to put out some fires and also take care of the repercussions of other disasters.


The action gets staged from a first-person viewpoint. You work from various locations: factories, mansions, detached houses, and public buildings. Astragon Entertainment developed Firefighting Simulator in collaboration with Rosenbauer Group, a leading manufacturer of firefighting equipment. As you play, you use the same set of equipment as the actual fighters including the TP3 Pumper fire truck from Rosenbauer.

Technical Aspects

Firefighting Simulator utilises Unreal Engine 4 making its visuals extremely stunning. Astragon Entertainment is also well-known for some simulation games such as Truck Simulation ’16, and in this game, you play as the truck driver. One thing that makes this game conspicuous among the other simulators is the use of Unreal Engine 4. You can either play this game alone as a single player or with other people in the multi-player mode.

Firefighting Simulator for Windows/PC is divided into several missions each of them located in a unique environment. Difficult levels go along with the progress you make. The game utilises an exceptional filter that emulates safety glasses used by actual fighters.