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About this game

First Class Trouble combines the tried-and-true gameplay of Among Us with the 1920s charm of Cluedo, according to developers who are Invisible Walls.

About the game.
First Class Trouble is a cooperative and competitive party game in which players must work together and against one another to survive a tragedy. The objective is to disable a lethal artificial intelligence. Some gamers are impostors, pretending to be humanoid killer robots bent on betraying the other gamers.

In a game of social deception, First Class Trouble pits participants against one another. Survivors on a luxury spaceship must band together to survive an imminent calamity, but some of the “survivors” are deadly robots disguised as people. The actual survivors must work together to shut down the ship’s AI system – or die trying. Friends, strangers, and everyone in between is pitted against each other in First Class Trouble, a social experiment. Only mayhem as possible.