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About this game

Florence is an adventure game developed by Mountains and published by Annapurna Interactive. The game was initially developed for cellphones, Android, and iOS and was released on 14th February 2018. Mountains, the Australian Studio, got around to releasing the Nintendo Switch, Mac, and PC versions of Florence in February 2020, exactly two years after the initial release.

Cello’s, Change and Comfort

Florence is a name that refers to both the main character as well as the title of this game. Florence Yeoh, the main character, is a twenty-five-year-old lady stuck working in a boring environment in Melbourne. She soon finds herself caught up in a rut revolving around sleep, work, home, repeat.
All this, however, changes one morning when her cellphone battery suddenly dies when she is making her regular commute to work. She gets to hear something she hasn’t heard before: a lovely sound that not only sweeps away her heart but her mind and body as well. Within no time, she gets compelled to try and locate the source of this sound.

In her quest to find the source of this sound, she comes across Krish, a young man performing his cello on the streets of Melbourne. His performance immediately entrances her, which leads to a coincidental meeting that eventually leads to an official date. Things soon to progress, and the two finally move in together, as Krish helps Florence to start following her passions.

A Proper Documentation of the Relationship Between Florence and Krish

Their relationship is perfectly documented by the game, including their ups and downs. It even goes as far as providing an uplifting view of an angle used by many people to cause issues. It assists in showcasing that at times, everything is okay, despite the daily encounters people make with each other, their relationship issues, and even the lack of a ‘perfect’ outcome.

Florence shows that some of these experiences provide human beings with exactly what they need to learn, start growing, and make themselves better individuals. It’s this message that makes this adventure game to stick out compared to other games. Lots of games would have resorted to the use of clichés.

The game employs positivity and growth to build a narrative that says individuals may not always gel with you in the manner you expect, and that change can prove difficult. It also goes as far as showing that while things may not turn out in the way you had envisioned, you will still get a chance to learn something new.

Through all this, you get to learn and to grow, which means everything will turn out just fine in the end. In the course of this learning journey, you may find yourself landing in the spot where you were always meant to land.

Florence Is an Interactive Picture Book

Whether playing Florence on PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, or on your cellphone, you will soon notice that this game has a sense of familiarity. While it may not hit you at once, it shouldn’t take long to see its interactive elements. It’s like one of those cool picture books designed for kids.

Every page you turn comes with an element of its own. It could be a flap you can move or something soft for you to touch. Florence has made sure to include this kind of ‘hand-on-element’ to its story. The story is told in a total of twenty chapters on Nintendo Switch and happens to be among very few games that utilize complete touch screen functionality.

The twenty chapters are told as a combination of scrolling through pictures and other interactive set pieces, e.g., the process of packing and unpacking Krish’s items as he moves in with Florence.

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