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About this game

With the recent successfully staged and concluded World Cup 2018 in Russia, the release of Football Manager 2019 is being eagerly awaited. The game which is developed by Sports Interactive and published by SEGA, is slated to be released officially on 2nd November 2018. It promises to bring new and exciting features as you take control of your squad.

About Football Manager 2019

Football Manager is one of the largest and most popular management simulation games. A player takes over the role of a manager to ensure the success of his/her club. This means buying and selling players, choosing who to play, defining the tactics of your squad, and their style of play. You will then be on the touchline on match day to witness the success of your team.

How many leagues does the game cover?

You will be able to have access to games played in over 50 countries around the world. You are also presented with a transfer market that contains an impressive 500,000 of the best players and staff in the world to choose from. You are competing with almost 2500 of the best clubs in the world. Football Manager 2019 will have a total of 26 licensed league competitions drafted from 11 counties.

What to expect from Football Manager 2019?

The recent success of the World Cup means this release will be bigger and better. It is also the first time that the DFL Bundesliga will be featured. In addition, SEGA is promising a host of new features to make the game the most comprehensive instalment they have produced. This new game will feature a renovated in-game look and redesigned logos. However, fans will be disappointed since the iconic ‘Manager Man’ will not be appearing on its cover, the first time they have done so since 2005.

Those interested in all the new features that will be available are requested to keep following the progress of the games as new features will start being announced near the end of September 2018. In addition, fans are also encouraged to pre-order the game early before its official release to enjoy a 10% discount.