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Football Manager 2021 is a simulated football management game created by Sports Interactive and published by Sega. The video game comprises over 52 countries with 2,500 football clubs at each level for the player to select from, giving the player endless possibilities.

The players can select the colours and the opponent that matches their ambitions. The player can also work together with the backroom technical staff to evaluate the strength and state of his/her team members. Assessing their strength helps the manager to dive into the transfer market. The manager also develops tactical game plans, formations as well as gameplay for each event. This helps the manager to optimize the football club’s possibilities of winning and collecting the three points.

Features of the Football Manager 2021 Video Game

Football Manager 2021’s headline features touch on the football game’s key aspects, such as the recruitment component, interaction system, and matchday experience. Besides, video game includes new communication techniques. Some of these communication features include gestures and new interactive alternatives among the manager, their squad, and the broadcasting fraternity.

Football Manager 2021 comprises new presentation aspects before, in the course of, and after a match ends. The expected goals also referred to as xG, are introduced in the FM21 to collect data analysis elements. The xG data analysis suite is created collaboratively by Sports Interactive and SciSports. It’s also worthy to note that trophy presentations have also been enhanced in the Football Manager 2021 video game.

In the video game, club managers can take charge of their club’s new player signing strategy using a new recruitment approach. Generally, Football Manager 2021 includes 117 football leagues from 52 countries throughout the world’s five continents.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile

The FM21 mobile features three additional countries. The new nations include Canada, Argentina, and Mexico. In the mobile version of the Football Manager 2021, tactical templates are brought forward for the first time. These templates resemble the most common gameplay styles across the globe, and managers can create their unique set-piece pattern. Football Manager 2021 mobile’s dynamics mode features new displays of social relationships, player associations, and squad hierarchy.