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About this game

Football, Tactics & Glory: Football Stars is a downloadable content extra for Foot, Tactics & Glory, a turn-based strategy indie simulation soccer game that is developed and published by Creoteam.

This downloadable content adds a variety of features to the existing game, including giftedness, extra statistics, club infrastructure, increased personnel and ability to make transfers.

The new giftedness feature adds more depth and diversity to the in-game players, making building a team a more challenging and interesting but realistic task for gamers. Statistics from previous seasons are now available to be saved and analysed. With this add-on, you can upgrade your club’s infrastructure to add in items like a training ground and medical centre and also introduce a scouting system. Transfers are now broader in their scope, enabling allowing gamers to buy players from abroad as well as making direct contact even if they are not listed on the transfer market.