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About this game

Developed by Brezg Studio and published by 101XP, For the People is a politically oriented game mostly designed for adults. It is an acute social novel, whereby the player has to take control of the mayor just appointed to lead a fictional small city.

What the Game Entails

The storyline of the game focuses on a visual novel set in a communist state, alongside a mix of political management. Francis River becomes the head of Iron-1, which is a factory town, and is to rule the city as the new mayor. As the player, you will be required to handle many tasks, which the previous mayor failed to do for the communist party. That will involve handling letter requests, phone calls and other duties that will need the attention of an agent.

For the People features an impressive art-style, sound effects, visuals and presentation. It includes a unique blend of genres that keep the story fresh. The soundtrack of this game also matches the overall tone of the game.