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About this game
Forged Battalion is an upcoming game by Petroglyph, a highly adaptable RTS where you build and manage your unit. Announced in October 2017, this video game obtained an Early Access Publish date: 16th January 2018. Petroglyph studio is an establishment of ex-Westwood developers. Westwood became popular in the mid 90’s due to an RTS which was known as Command & Conquer. The latest trailer of Forged Battalion reveals this old-school vibe appropriately.


This upcoming RTS will allow you to gradually personalise your units, setting them out using various weapons and bits to take different roles and counteract enemies. You will not only act as a commander but an engineer as well, so you will get ultimate control over the units of your faction, super weapons, factories and economy as well.
Customize, manage and upgrade the blueprints of your evolving faction to develop ever-advancing units and factories. Between tasks, a great tech tree will unlock elements that you will utilise in designing your combat groups. As more technology gets opened, your designs will become more superior and dominant.
Utilising the resources gotten from the battle, you will unlock new opportunities using the Metagame Technology Tree to select the locomotor, archetype, weapons, armour, and unique abilities such as regeneration and stealth making your faction exceptional. Eventually, you will be in a position to access the most important options, including a collection of lethal weapons to fire against your enemies.

Key Features

Forge Your Unit – Change each unit chassis with different weapons, locomotor types and support. Adapt to every opponent and every situation. A dynamic tale campaign – The resistance demands that you build a new force to take into account. Play using an exciting tale campaign which will test your aptitude to adapt and react to the progressing threat of your foes.  Online multiplayer – You can link up with a maximum of seven more players in various online multiplayer styles to enjoy an intense preemptive co-operative as well as versus action on the dedicated servers. Persistent Technology Tree – Every battle that you win; in every mode will contribute towards the technology upgrades of your faction using various science paths; improving the technology tree unlocks blueprints. Steam Workshop support