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About this game


Form is a new type of virtual reality game published and developed by Vancouver based firm Charm Games.


Form is a surreal puzzle game that is built from dreams and memories. Players are required to solve mysteries enabling them to advance through different worlds. The protagonist is Dr. Devin Eli. Dr. Devin Eli is a renowned physicist who works at Mindful Laboratories. Deep in the Alaskan tundra you will find Mindful Laboratories. Here, Dr. Devin Eli works hard to find the meaning behind a mysterious signal coming from a secret artefact. The secret artefact that is otherwise known as ‘The Obelisk.’ As a player you take the form of the Dr. Devin Eli, uncovering superhuman powers of geometric visualisation. These powers have consequences, consequences that are overpowering, which resorted from the outcome of an horrendous childhood trauma. Players are required to utilise Dr. Devin Eli’s special powers to navigate to the ‘The Obelisk’ using the signal to explore dream like memories and fantasies to unlock puzzles.


Form is unlike any other game. It is more than a game, using spatial freedom and scale of virtual reality to create puzzles that spring to life and capture the players imagination. This is a unique gaming experience, which almost feels like reality. The main difference to your typical virtual reality is that Form gaming puzzles take place inside an infinite space which activate the human senses, much different from your typical 3D games!
This game is so almighty powerful that it can is lead you to a new existence or if you’re the unfortunate one, it may leave keep you imprisoned in your past forever. Either way Form is an exciting and challenging game, that is definitely worth playing, so pick up your copy today!