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About this game

This is a new one player game created by KK Studios, and it goes for €11.99. It is available on Steam Early Access. The game brings together different genres elements by placing players in the position of an army commander whose only goal is to get money to gather an army and consequently, defeat the world. This player can achieve this using some sophisticated strategies.


FPS meets Sandbox Strategy Game

This is where you begin your career without anything to your name. You are required to earn money, enlist soldiers, steal from villages, fight outlaws, hit territories and conquer the world. This game combines challenging action with a broader strategic theatre.

Shooter and Real-Time Strategy

This is one of a kind combat system that brings together a real-time strategy with an initial tactical shooter. In this level, you are required to plan strategic moves and tactics of many squads and also have a very keen eye of a sharpshooter with catlike reflexes.

Realistic Combat Simulation

The game is based on realism. It is not possible to eliminate 100 enemies using a single pistol. You will face a challenge of very intelligent AI that can make advanced tactical manoeuvres like flanking, encompassing and even faking a retreat. All this is similar to what you will find in real-life combat. For you to attain victory, you will require strategically planned tactics, useful equipment and unity between squads. Get prepared for the challenge.

High Re-Playability

The unpredictable starting points, objectives and AI will make each battle appear different and be more challenging. You don’t get a linear gameplay here as you are free to how to make the next step in the game, who to attack, what kind of equipment and squads to utilise in launching the attack and how to conquer the universe.

Freeman as a Tactical Game

This is a very tactical game where you open the battle map in combat by hitting the M key, allowing you to proceed with your troops to different locations by clicking on the unit you want to proceed to. Double-clicking these locations allow you to move to them. If you double-click multiple locations, it will queue up movements to allow you move a unit around a familiar enemy location for flanking and you can drag a waypoint and move it to change the route as desired.

You can choose to either charge or run while moving or proceed with caution to navigate the waypoints while engaging whenever possible and taking cover if you receive fire. Also present are other commands like Fire at will, Follow me and Cease fire.

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