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About this game

G string game is among the best cyberpunk shooters made entirely (almost) by a single person for a period of 12 years. There are several shortcomings in this game, considering the fact that one person made it, but it is one of the best ambitious source-based shooter games in the market.

Eya Eyaura developed the game. He acknowledges the efforts of David Lynch in coming up with the narrative ambiguity. G string game is based on a single-player mode across all fifteen distinct chapters. You are playing the role of Myo Hyori, a genetically enhanced teenage girl who is a super-soldier. She escapes from the facility holing her captive in a bio pod after falling scape debris hits the facility. This game makes use of neon holograms to create breath-taking imagery.

G string can be termed as a less polished model of half-life 2. All weapons are remodeled from Half-Life.