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About Gas Station Simulator

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Gas Station Simulator is a simulation video game developed by DRAGO Entertainment. It is a simulator kind of game and it has semi-realistic looking characters, vehicles and the surrounding environment.


As the name sounds, you run a gas station and the game have very innovative ways of making it interesting. The primary goal is to upgrade the gas station to the fifth level and pay off a loan to your shady uncle. Your uncle gives you different tasks which help you set up the station, from owning the warehouse to hiring employees. With so many options, the game becomes quite addicting.

About the Game

The game is just about renovating, expanding and being the boss at a gas station in the middle of a desert. You have the freedom to choose what you want and you can use different approaches to run the business. The game also requires you to be a prowess at dealing with stress.

Players start off the game by purchasing an old and abandoned gas station in a deserted area. The main goal is to restore the gas station to its former state or make it better. To achieve this you have to dispose of any broken furniture, paint the walls and decorate the business. You don’t just spend all the money on decorating, you also have to repair the equipment and buy new ones so that you can earn more money by serving customers.

As the game goes on, you are given the opportunity to hire staff so that you can put all your energy into managing the business. Remember, the employees have to be paid as well, so you have to look for more money. This way, the juggling act never ends, making the game a little frantic but relaxing at the same time.