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Developed and published by Kazakov Oleg, Gedonia is a major open-world rpg that features different mechanics and content. It is inspired by old school classics, whereby the player assumes the role of a simple traveller who is also an adventure seeker exploring the huge world of Gedonia. As a player, you have the freedom to progress your character however way you want as you discover hidden mysteries and treasures while also fighting enemies.

In this game, you will experience beautiful unexplored areas of Gedonia. You will then begin to notice strange events as you explore the land. This is where you choose to either be a charismatic leader, a strong warrior, a skilful crafter or an agile assassin. Take on the role of conqueringmysterious and scary dungeons and recruit allies to your party. As you explore, you can also gather, hunt and craft materials that help you to survive in the harsh wilderness. There are many ways to complete your mission, including charisma, stealth skills and raw strength.

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