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About this game

Genesis Noir is an exciting adventure video game developed by Feral Cat Den. It is a game that is packed with adventures and puzzles. Further, the game is only available in single-player mode, but that makes it all the more exciting.

You will play as No Man. He is the main character who has fallen into depression after breaking up with his girlfriend, Miss Mass. Soon after, No Man is caught in a love triangle with Miss Mass and Golden Boy (cosmic beings).

You then proceed to confront Golden Boy, but you will witness a gunshot fired by Big Bang (a jealous god) that will create an expanding universe. You must then look for a way to destroy the creation to save the love of your life.

The journey towards saving Miss Mass is filled with puzzles that you must solve to proceed to the next level.
Lastly, this game is supported in 11 languages. Check it out today.