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About this game

Ghostrunner is a unique single-player and violent combat that blends science fiction with a post-apocalyptic theme. It is developed and published by One More Level 3D Realms and 505 Games, All in! Games respectively.

About the Game

The game is packed with fast action, was set in a cyberpunk megastructure. Players are tasked with climbing a Dharma Tower, which has become human’s final shelter, after a world-ending cataclysm. They are supposed to climb from the bottom of the tower up to the top, and then confront a tyrannical key master, and then take their revenge.

The Key master, Mara, is ruling with an iron fist and does not care about human life. The streets are chaotic and full of violence. As various resources diminish, the strong and armed prey on the weak. However, all is not lost. One last attempt to set things right before humanity is pushed to extinction is underway.

Game setting

The cyberpunk settings are among the richest across numerous entertainment media, and the game is just as promising. It is set in the future, where a cataclysmic occurrence nearly wiped out the earth and its populace. The few survivors now hide in a Dharma Tower, which is a sprawling city that is built into a huge structure and serves as the last shelter of the human race.

The Inspirations

The game developers have drawn inspiration from numerous stories across media, such as the Mirrors Edge. Outside video games, the developers also cited classic cyberpunk stories including the Blade Runner as having a great influence on them.

Melee combat

The combat in the game is almost focused on melee attacks. Gamers play as a cyber ninja, who is armed with a katana, and their goal is cutting all enemies along their paths. However, the enemies are not only limited to melee attacks though, therefore one has to be ready for anything.

One hit kill

The ultimate challenge in this game is the one-hit kill. Any single attack in the game is enough to kill you. All enemies will die from a single slash of your katana, but the same fate befalls you. Therefore, the kill in surviving is mobility, and dodging attacks and slashing your enemies is crucial in surviving in the game.

It is important to note that, the combat in the game is deadly and very fast. Players one shot everything, and everything one-shots them. Therefore, repetition and fast reflexes are key.