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About this game


God Eater 2: Rage burst is a video game created by Shift and distributed by Bandai Namco Entertainment in 2013, in Japan for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable. It is a spin-off of Gods Eater Burst. The game features a new setting, and additionally, new heroes, new beasts, and new weapons.


In contrast with Gods Eater Burst, there are new highlights and additions, for example, the four new weapons, Charge Spear, the Boost Hammer, the Shotgun, and the Variant Scythe, each has its own capacity and functions for the player to utilize. The Boost Hammer is a vast sledge fitted with a rocket supporter, which can be utilized to exact overwhelming harm on a foe. The Charge Spear is a vast lance that can be “charged” to shape a honed natural cutting edge that can be utilized to wound enemies. The Variant Scythe is a huge sickle that can reach out to a long range. The Shotgun is an extensive gun that can shower projectiles, permitting expanded harm the nearer the players were to the rival. The greater part of the current weapons likewise have extra highlights and aptitudes, for example, the Short Blade’s new expertise that enables players to utilize an upward slice that right away send them in mid-air, and the Long Blade’s new ability that can scratch off assaults, therefore permitting combos.

Character Episodes

Character Episodes features are one of the freshest highlights in the game. All through the amusement, players can interface with different characters and NPCs, however, they requesting that you acknowledge their welcome to a mission. Finishing it will give players extra gameplay rewards, for example, materials, things, and even extra Blood Arts for a portion of the fundamental characters.

Blood Arts

The Blood Arts are one of the new increments to the video game. Blood Arts are “assault add-on” that can enlarge ordinary assaults in all way into a significantly more grounded assault, in this manner making it either open fresh recruits Arts or change over existing one into a substantially more grounded variation. Raising a Blood Art’s capability requires going on more up to date missions and finishing it, consequently completing a mission with a higher rank gives more experience focuses to the at present prepared Blood Art, and also the other Blood Arts of a similar variation.