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About this game

God Eater 3 is an action role-playing game developed by Marvelous First Studio. It was produced by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is the third and latest entry in the god eater series, having been released on 8th of February this year. The game is compatible with play station 4 and Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10.

What does the game involve?

Just like the other two entries before it, god eater 3 is all about slash and hack. The players are equipped with God Arc weapons to hunt and kill monsters called Aragami. The player absorbs energy from the monsters which he uses to cause a lot of damage to the enemies. The game can accommodate four players but an assault mission can have up to eight players.

New Player Abilities.

You can now fight in the air, the ground or step attack which have all been evolved with new and awesome techniques allowing you the freedom to move around and hunt down all wondering monsters (Aragamis). You can also expand your close combat armory with the biting edge this is a dual wield god arc. And a heavy moon, a two-handed moon axe. You also have the ability to fight from afar by the use of the ray gun.

New Fiercer Threats.

New dangerous enemies have also been introduced; Ash Aragamis have the ability to enter the burst mode. In this mode, their strength increases infinitely. This will necessitate that you arm yourself with all the weapons you can find and be keener.


God Eater 3 supports eleven languages among them, English, German, Italian, Japanese and others with full audio in both English and Japanese language.

System requirements.

God Eater 3 requires at least 64-bit processor and operating system, with a memory of at least 4GB RAM, 25 GB available space, processor Intel Core i5-3470 with a recommendation of Intel Core i7-3770 and a broadband internet connection.
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