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About this game

Gordian Quest is a single-player RPG game. It has an old school RPG games feel but with a modern touch. The game’s developers are Mixed Realms Pte Ltd and Swag Soft Holdings Pte Ltd. Along with Coconut Island Games, Mixed Realms are the publishers of the game.

In Gordian Quest, players get the best elements of classic RPG games but with a modern approach. It gives them the chance to assemble and lead a team of heroes on an adventure. This involves freeing Hidden Earth from a curse that has blighted the land. On their adventure, the heroes will engage in battles that make them stronger. Like the classic RPG games, combat involves a turned-based approach. As well as combat, the player leads a team that can master skills, forge weapons and find powerful relics on their travels. Players achieve victory by unravelling curses and defeating evil.

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