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About this game

Granblue Fantasy Versus, a 2.5D fighting video game, was developed by the Yokohama-based Arc System Works for PS4. It’s based on the RPG Granblue Fantasy.

Release date

The game was released in Asia and Japan by Sega, Square Enix and Cygames on 6 February 2020. On 3 March 2020, Marvelous’ Xseed Games released the game in North America. On 13 March 2020, Microsoft Windows release was announced to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the series such as Million Arthur: Arcana Blood.

Granblue Fantasy Versus gameplay

The game is essentially a fighting video game, where your goal is to eliminate your opponent by use of a combination of attacks in order to fill the life bar of your character several times to win the contest.


The game has a total of twelve characters to choose from. Each character has special capabilities known as Skybound Arts corresponding to skills that they can use in the main game.

Triggering Skybound Arts

You can trigger each Skybound Arts with a button press; however, you have to wait for a while before using it again. But if you use button presses and an advanced combination of movement to launch an attack, the waiting period on the skill is shortened.

Fighting game archetypes

The game has a large diversity when it comes to the fighting game archetypes. The player has everything, including grapplers, long-distance oppressors, uppercut fighters and classic fireball and others with a range of play-styles. The character diversity goes hand in hand with each character’s appearance, as all of them fill various tastes.

For people who like it when things are basic and simple, Gran is the most flavouring of protagonists you will find all year. Vaseraga, on the other hand, is suitable for those who are a tad edgy. The game is designed to ensure that every player finds a character that they will enjoy.

Story mode

The game features a story mode, and unlike the main combat game mode, it’s more of a beat-’em-up, side-scrolling, ARPG. The story mode will include a co-op mode, setting weapon grids and minions as well as exclusive bosses to battle.

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