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About this game

Grand Tactician: The Civil War 1861-1865 is a video game that combines real-time and tactical battles, coupled with a strategic and political scope. The game was developed by Oliver Keppelmuller.

What to Expect

The civil war begins by gathering armies, managing logistics and finally, deploying the soldiers to the battlefield. In this game, the command infrastructure is deep and here, the officers get to like and dislike each other. They can also choose to become rivals or work together to be better than their opponents.

As a player, you are expected to take charge of the confederacy or the union. You will also be tasked with preparing your nation for war, organise your army and fleets. This will happen under commanders, including lee, Grant, Farragut or Jackson. For you to defeat your enemies in real-time battles, you will need to plan on strategic manoeuvres. The moment the armies clash, you will get the chance to give orders in 3D tactical battlefields and command your troops to victory.