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About this game

Graveyard keeper, just as the name sounds, is a graveyard-themed game developed by Lazy Bear Games and it is published by tiny Build. The game is all about a player tending to the bodies of deceased people. That might sound grim but the game has a lot of fun and thrilling. The game was released for Microsoft Windows in May 2018.

Playing Graveyard Keeper

This is an interesting game that starts with a protagonist being spirited all the way from modern settings to a medieval village. The character does not know whether he is dead, hallucinating, dreaming or is really there. Your main task is to find your way home but immediately, you are faced by a talking skull, Gerry who orders you to be the town’s undertaker. As much as you want to move on, you can’t disobey an animated skull that is mystical.

In the first few minutes of the game, you are shown how to perform some basic tasks like performing autopsies, burying dead bodies and maintaining the cemetery. After some time, you start doing things that normal villagers do like growing crops, delivering sermons, making wine, fighting monsters among others. At first, the game is daunting but gets better with time.

How Good is the game?

A very good way of looking at this game is that its systems have been carefully balanced encouraging a player to explore more. However, this makes it almost impossible for a player to specialise and avoid any activities that you are not keen on.
Graveyard Keeper is a game that makes a player make many bold choices since it replaces the friendly and relaxing atmosphere of other life sims. It has a structure that is more goal-directed in a setting that is more cynical.

Personally, I found the game’s pace tiresome and would have loved more focus on the mechanics of grave tending. The game has a lot of rich well-developed diversions, amazing music and art.